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Yakup Kadri was one of the first critics against Yeni Lisan movement. That’s why he was also one of the first, against whom Genç Kalemler took a defensive stance. According to him the concept of language offered by Yeni Lisan would not be adequate to form a decent literature. It’s certain that the contemporary views of literature was influential on Yakup Kadri in his objection to the advocates of Yeni Lisan. But those years were also the period of a return to national identity. Yeni Lisan became the initiator and even the pioneer of that movement in language and literature. Eventually, Yakup Kadri embraced the principals of language and literature advocated by Yeni Lisan. Moreover, Ziya Gökalp described him the best writer of national literature. Yakup Kadri’s search and studies in building a national literature continued in later years. In this paper Yâkup Kadri’s views on Yeni Lisan and Millî Edebiyat are analysed from the perspective of his articles.

Yakup Kadri, national literatüre, language.

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