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Tahsin Yücel, who started his writing career by publishing his first story in 1950 in “Yeni Hikâyeler” is one of the important figures of contemporary Turkish literature with his stories, novels, essays, criticism, fairy tales, analysis, compilation and translation works. The author criticizes the overriding passions of the individual and society which he has placed on the main axis of his works with a subtle sarcasm and a sharp irony. Yücel’s novel Bıyık Söylencesi published in 1995, is remarkable in that it examines the dimensions of the destructive effect of passion and devotion in the life of the individual. The novel, which takes place in a provincial town and examines the human-object relationship through ‘mustache bir in an ironic style, tells the tragic story of Cumali, who gave up his manhood, family and life for the sake of being a man of his mustache.This study aims, to examine the questioning and problematizing attitude of the person who acts with an extraordinary sense of passion and devotion and who is exposed to his blinding effect in his own work, Bıyık Söylencesi.

Tahsin Yücel, Moustache, Devotional, Passion

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