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Creative writing as a literary phenomenon has come to receive more attention and to be attached more importance thanks to the recently increased number of schools, workshops and books. Most of the competencies these schools, workshops, and books aim to help prospective writers acquire comprise the contents of metafictions depicting the way they have been produced. Thus, there are similarities between the subjects handled in creative writing trainings and the contents of metafictional texts. This makes metafictions guiding texts assuming an educational function intended for prospective authors. Yazsonu (1980), in which Adalet Ağaoğlu explicitly employs the metafiction technique, basically features how a novel is gradually constructed, what sort of dilemmas an author goes through, how to use such novel techniques as character creation and spatial descriptions; in other words, it depicts the adventure of creative writing. Seeing artistic secrets of metafiction along with critical, theoretical, and technical evaluations in a metafictional text will greatly contribute to readership who wishes to get immersed in the text and to prospective authors in search of their own texts. The present paper attempts to discuss the contributions of metafictions to creative writing in consideration of Yazsonu by Adalet Ağaoğlu.

Creative Writing, Metafiction, Novel, Adalet Ağaoğlu, Yazsonu

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