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İsmet Özel is a poet focusing on societal characteristics of the Turkish society with his opinions on the social issues he expresses. Considering autobiography of Özel, it is possible to say that the transformations he experienced are reflected to his poems and ideas. In this respect, his poem titled Amentü (“The Creed”) has a special meaning. While this poem carries the maturity of the poems that İsmet Özel had written before this date, it also foreshadows the intellectual channel towards which his poems after this date would be oriented. As a poem caring about responsibility of arts before the society, many images, words and expressions which may be statement of the ideological and societal ideas can be observed in the poems of İsmet Özel. It can be said that these clues have an important role in reading a detailed matter like societal change based on poem texts. Poems of İsmet Özel have characteristics of a text witnessing the great transformations in the Turkish society by a mind bearing artistic sensitivity endeavoring to percept what is societal from its source. Poems of İsmet Özel which contains personal intellectual and aesthetical adventure of the poet as well as the breaking points of the society in which he lives can be determined as a highly productive field of study in terms of social psychology. In this study, we will interpret traces of social psychology and societal change in İsmet Özel’s poems in aesthetical context.

Social Psychology, aesthetics, change

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