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The process of living in the dimension of symbolic / symbolic concepts forming the image of this world with the fiction world created in the frame of time-space in literary works, the imbursement of the individuals into the subconscious, the emotions and thoughts that are pushed out of consciousness in some places are loaded with words in an aesthetical way and expressed in their own originality, . In addition, they are associated with motifs and symbols in their own words, sometimes related to the flow of the song, and sometimes exhibit a totality of archetypal imaginative and stylistic aesthetics, which adds a different vocabulary, freedom of expression and beauty. Based on this original vocabulary richness, freedom of expression and beauty, Aitmatov is trying to add this wealth and freedom to his stories; Oriented to the national-spiritual dynamics of the geography in which he belongs in order to gain originality and self. The writer, who has chosen the epic, legenda, legend, story, story and folklore which constitute the foundation stones of the national memory as a source of freedom and originality, has descended from its formations to background myths, symbols and types and depicts the achievements obtained within its own aesthetics. He also aimed to show Kyrgyz-Turkish culture and civilization, socio-psychological feelings and forms of understanding with all the content and national-spiritual richness that they have today, today and tomorrow, into the tropics, by making the visual richness of this aesthetic showcase. Has also managed to achieve this goal. The main element that makes Aitmatov an Aitmatov is that he is one of the first representatives of written literature which provides the transfer of Kyrgyz-Turkish culture to the universal dimension by working on this rich subject. The most important factor in achieving this is its own culture, geography and proximity and familiarity provided by living in harmony with people. The author, who integrated his enormous cultural background and material complexity with self-awareness, intuition and aesthetic understanding, has started to reach his own Nirvana. Aitmatov, who expresses the attitude of a civilization mission with a style and aesthetic that is revealed in the stories says: "I think that the basic duty of literature is to shudder: It is the mystery of being a writer who takes care of himself by saying that daily life, philosophy of the future and the life is the process".

Aitmatov, image, aesthetics, style, self, internalism.

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