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The memoir is distinguished from the fictional part of literature due to be experienced as a genre of literature. Halid Ziya is a preeminent writer among his contemporaries in the genre of memoir as well as the other genres of literature. We certainly accept the importance of Aşk-ı Memnu, the writer’s literary aspect and his contributions to the Turkish literature. However, the meeting with the human aspect of the writer, is possible by reading to his memoirs. The reading to the memoirs, means living together with him an era ranging from child Halid Ziya to young Halid Ziya, from mature Halid Ziya to old Halid Ziya. One who reads “Kırk Yıl”, shares an adventure of the life reaching from the individual to society and takes a journey that has literary and social dimension, towards society together with the individual. The journey continues from society to the state and the political structure in “Saray ve Ötesi”. In this way, we discover a world what we don’t know, from the remotest corners of the state (for example, janitors room) to the Palace. We witness the sadness of a mournful father in “Bir Acı Hikaye”. The worth of the memoir is indisputable in terms of language, literature, art and history. The writer’s attitude that tries to be impartial and objective, his moderate and objective viewpoint, his approach that looks at characters and events away from polemics, make these memoirs more worthy and meaningful.

The memoir, history, literature, Servet-i Fünun, Kırk Yıl, Saray ve Ötesi.

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